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More than 87 billion parcels are sent across the world every year. Sadly, it’s the environment that suffers the cost of convenience. Which is why we’ve vowed to reduce this impact and work towards a sustainable future.   

Bringing it back to basics, we’ve integrated sustainable packaging across all operations, including biodegradable hangers, recyclable carry bags and postage satchels made from recycled plastics.

In our commitment to sustaining the environment, we’ve made the switch to FSC certified® stationary which includes our gift boxes, luxurious bags, thank you notes, and cards.

This means that from our stores to your front door, you can rest assured that you’ll receive your goodies in eco-friendly packaging.


Luxury lingerie shouldn’t cost the earth.

From design to development and into your intimates drawer, every element is carefully considered to minimise waste and environmental impact.

Focusing on the finer details, we’re implementing conscious manufacturing and design from start to finish. This includes using advanced digital technology instead of physical lay plans, so there’s no wasted fabrics in the trial and error of design.

Additionally, we’ve adopted edge-to-edge design methods that involve using all areas of fabric panels and lace, leaving nothing on the cutting room floor. Every yarn and scallop can be recycled into other pieces of the collection or saved for a future design.

New textile technology has also allowed us to integrate digital printing as opposed to traditional methods. Digital fabric printing typically uses 90% less ink than standard screen printing, without the need for any harsh chemicals! Eliminating the need for excessive washing and water-treatments, this technology saves over 40 billion litres of water per year.

Our next challenge is incorporating more sustainable fabrics made from recycled material. This process has begun with our statement swimwear range that’s created with Italian ECOwave fabrics. These specially formulated fabrics are made from ocean-recycled materials and post-consumer plastics, recovered from the Mediterranean Sea. 

While this is only the beginning of our sustainable journey, Honey Birdette has an ingrained ethos of quality over quantity. We believe in creating products that will stand the test of time and give you the ability to wear them again and again.



We’ve partnered with manufacturers who uphold our values of ethics, quality and sustainability. We adamantly ensure that all our manufacturing partners are ethically compliant within all operations, following internationally recognised standards for:

  • Fair employment
  • Safe and comfortable working conditions
  • Above minimum and median wage
  • Employment rights & HR management
  • Standard working hours (40 hours a week)
  • Strictly no child labour

While adhering to these ethical practices, our partners are also working to make their businesses more environmentally conscious. As a proud example, our Italian lace manufacturer uses recycled materials to produce GRS certified ‘Green Label’ fabrics, while our embroidery manufacturer in Switzerland uses wastewater management systems to ensure that waterways are kept clean.

In addition to these values and standards, our manufacturers are subject to random inspections and are Oeko-Tex certified.



It’s no secret that the fashion industry is widely responsible for increased carbon emissions and landfill waste. In an affirmation to change this, we’ve adopted cleaner transport avenues, carbon offsets, and sea freighting vs. air freight.


In the office, we categorise all rubbish into their correct bins and recycle wherever possible. The office uses a paper recycling service to ensure that paper waste is diverted from landfill and directly repurposed through a recycling plant. We also encourage the use of digital resources to become a 100% paper-free environment.

All soaps and detergents are Thank You.™ branded which helps provide safe water and toilets to people in need.